Har Mar Superstar Performs on Daytrotter.com

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At the very end of Har Mar Superstar’s session with us here in Rock Island this fall, Body Request, a song from his 2004 album The Handler, plays out and Sean Tillmann, the leader of this all-fun, all-sex group from Los Angeles is heard saying — as he trails away from the microphone, “God, we’re good. It never stops. The hits don’t stop with Har Mar Superstar,” and then a sequencer launches into another song unexpectedly and he continues, “Whoa, they literally don’t stop.” For years now, I’ve thought the same thing …


Sean Na Na Breast Cancer Charity Show (June 24) & DJ Night (June 23)

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Rockers for Knockers @ Turf Club

JUNE 24 – 8:00 PM

1601 University Avenue West

St Paul, MN 55104-3820

Sean Na Na

Puppies and Trains

Martin Devaney and Band

Company Inc.

DJ Sets:

Free Energy

Solid Gold

James Diers (Halloween, Alaska)

Tom Loftus

Proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Great music supporting an awesome cause! Go, Bust Buddies!

RSVP via Facebook HERE


Hump Days @ Azia with Denver Dalley – Special Guest: Har Mar Superstar

JUNE 23 – 10:00 PM

2550 Nicollet Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN

RSVP via Facebook HERE

First Avenue Memories & 40th Anniversary Show

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No. 1 memories for First Avenue’s 40th


Har Mar Superstar, Sean-Na-Na

I’ve seen countless shows there from the age 15 onward. One story that really sticks out was at Sebadoh in ’94 or ’95. They were my favorite band at the time, and I was super-excited. As I walked in, [frontman] Lou Barlow asked me where the bathroom was. I was star-struck. I had never been backstage at that point, but I had seen a door near the front entrance that staff were always going in and out of. I assumed it was the rock-star/staff bathroom and excitedly pointed him in that direction.

Seconds later, he was running away from security who were trying to find out what he was doing in an unauthorized room. When they took the stage, Lou was in a terrible mood. The show was rocky for 15 minutes and, after a meltdown, Lou huffed off stage. It was over just as it was starting. I was directly responsible, and I was mortified but still found it hilarious.

That’s the last time I ever got star-struck. We’re all just looking for the bathroom, man.


Looking forward to the First Avenue 40th Anniversary show tonight. See you there!


An Amazing Portrait of Me by Rickett & Sones

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My friends Ryan Rickett & Sonia Oh Rickett rule! Check out more incredible Rickett & Sones work at their website.

Live Stream of SXSW Performance

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Watch us perform live from SXSW at The North Door!

REPLAY – March 15th at 10:40AM CDT, 11:40AM EST, 8:40AM PST:

CLICK HERE: http://sxsw.com/live

(Photo credit: Gregg Greenwood Photography)